beauty installation.

Architectural Installation

The Cathedral of Summer

“Summer: the warmer part of the year

In the cold winter months we long for it.

We shiver inside and wish to wrap ourselves in its sunshine days.

We long to feel the warm grass in between our toes and cool lemonade in our throats.

We dream of the eternal summer.

What sensation signals the start of summer to you?

A slight increase in the temperature     (15)

Having a slice of watermelon     (1)

Hearing birds chirping outside of your window     (3)

Seeing  bright green grass     (19)

The smell of wet soil and fresh spring (2)

Cathedral of Summer : The Architectural Installation

The Cathedral of Summer is a space where the inherent “feelings” of summer are evoked and encapsulated.

This simple box, cleared of snow is, in theory, summer captured and preserved for us to enjoy

Juxtaposed against a field of snow the cleared green grass in the Cathedral brings to our attention the power of summer and its affect on our feelings and emotions.

The Cathedral is a 16′ x 16′ x 10′ cubital skeleton. Inside the season has “changed”.

The snow is melted away using a hydronic and/or an electrical heating system used for sports fields. This keeps the snow out of the space and simultaneously warms the ground.

The neon green framing highlights the space and attracts attention to it. Another option I considered, un-planed birch limbs would provide a more natural look.

As I have worked on the project I have realized the Cathedral’s potential to be an event space. Certain objects could change the use of the space on a day-to-day basis. Beach towels could encourage leisure, a chess board might start an impromptu game and a bowl of watermelon would provide a sweet summer treat. Perhaps Carter, the local Ball State hot dog legend, could be convinced to bring his hot dog stand into the Cathedral for an afternoon or students could set up a lemonade stand inside. The possibilities are endless…


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