gresham smith.

Final presentations are done and I was a finalist for our Gresham Smith presentation!

My project, entitled “This Building Is A Life” was all about the “realization of life in a building”. The concept of my project took the form of “life”.

Because the Julia Carson Center was realized as a memorization of a life, I wanted to commemorate a life in my building. The form of the building is shaped by the different time periods of a life: infancy, youth, teens, adulthood and seniority. The buildings massing turns relate to these changes in life, each is a different part. The Julia Carson center is not just about one life but about every life.

The building also relates to the times in our life where we hide our feelings or bare our feelings by exposing ourselves to the views of society. This building mimics this action by baring and exposing it’s glass facade at times of celebration and concealing its facade at other points.

As a community I hope that the Julia Carson Center of Indianapolis will bring together through similarities. I think that every person, no matter age, wealth or status will be able to relate to these issues that the building addresses. Community isn’t about individuals it is about the communal experience.


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